Testimony A Cappella is Stanford University’s only Christian a cappella group, one of only a few such groups on the West Coast. The group was originally founded in 1991 by a handful of students each wanting to share their passion for God through music. Testimony offers its music to the Stanford community through free concerts and dorm shows, with performances at locations such as local Churches, hospitals, community centers, and various dorms and concert halls on campus.

Songs from Testimony A Cappella have recently been included in collegiate a cappella compilation albums such as Voices Only 2008.


The group is dedicated to the growth of its members and the extension of God's love. Singers grow as musicians through Testimony’s signature intricate background vocals and precise harmonies. They grow in faith through their tenure with the group as they learn to look for opportunities to serve in the community around them and the world at large.


Testimony annually holds a fall show and spring show, both offering free admission. Testimony retains financial stability by selling CD's and through individual donations and funding received through The Stanford Fund. Each fall and spring show include songs, skits, and a testimony given by a member of the group. The Fall 2007 show, themed Testimony's Next Top Model, included A Cappella iterations of songs such as All Come All Ye Faithful by Take 6 and The More by Downhere. The Spring 2008 show, themed Word of God Abridged, included songs such as Breathe Me by Sia and Control by Mute Math.


Testimony A Cappella even spreads its music on tour, touring locations such as Southern California, Washington D.C., Seattle, New York City, and even internationally to Vancourver, B.C. Testimony usually tours for two weeks every winter break.


Testimony welcomes new members and bids graduating or leaving members good bye each year. Auditions to join Testimony are held at the beginning of each school year. Anyone is welcome to come and audition. Audition material includes singing through warm up exercises, testing ear training exercises, and singing a short version of a song for the current members of the group.


When You Say Go (2008)
Accelerate (2006)
Echoes (2002)
Refuge (1998)
Gone Fishin' (1995)



Sarah Gillette
Jennifer Kim*
Estelle Luk
Katherine Neubauer

Karmia Cao
Elizabeth Chidyausiku
Allie Dunworth
Esther Kang
Grace Um

Kyle Duff
Pablo Pozo
Mario Suntanu

James Chu
Adam Leeper
Kevin Otsuka
David Sangokoya


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