Stanford Traditions

Stanford University has many exciting traditions.

Fountain hopping

Fountain hopping is the Stanford tradition of taking a dip in some or all of the dozen plus fountains on campus, usually all in a single run. Summer and and Spring heat and high-hearts after big athletic victories against Cal are some of the most opportune times for students to be found celebrating this hallowed Stanford tradition.

Full Moon on the Quad

Full Moon on the Quad occurs during the middle of fall quarter on the night of the full moon. Traditionally, seniors kiss freshman and give them a rose, though presently members from all grades tend to kiss each other freely. Watch out for the Stanford Tree if you're wary of mono. Live music, entertainment, and free mints liven up the evening.

Steam Tunneling

Steam Tunneling is the Stanford tradition of running through the underground steam tunnels that form a labyrinth beneath Stanford. Steam tunneling is extremely popular during cold winter nights, as being filled with steam the tunnels are quite hot. Make sure to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt to avoid minor burns. Also make sure you remember the way you came so you can make your way out.

Screw Your Roommate

Screw Your Roommate occurs once a year per dorm where roommates set each up on a blind date, usually doing bowling, ice skating, or mini golfing. While most roommates try not to "screw their roommate" with a bad date, there are always horror stories circulating around campus.


Assassins is a tradition at many college campuses, including Stanford. Each dorm sets different rules but generally each participant gets a different target from their room and must assassinate their target with a water pistol without any of their dorm mates witnessing the kill.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream occurs during dead week of each quarter at midnight each day. Students let loose their inner anguish over finals by yelling out their windows at the top of their lungs. Screams can be heard cross campus each night during dead week.

The Game

The Game is an extremely elaborate scavenger hunt usually held in the bay area, famous for its intricate and cryptic clues and puzzles. Pride is on the line in this game that epitomizes Stanford life in its moments of shining brilliance during hectic and pressure filled situations.

End of the Year Banquet

End of the Year Banquet is a tradition held by many dorms where dorm staff provide an exquisite catered dinner for its residences in celebration of the end of the academic year.

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