Okada is Stanford's Asian-American ethnic theme dorm. It is a 4 class dorm that works to promote awareness about Asian-American issues and culture. Although Okada is an ethnic theme dorm, not all of its residents are of Asian descent, allowing for intermingling of Asian and other cultures. Each year a number of priority residents as well as three ethnic theme associates provide ethnic dorm programming and cultural field trips. Each May, they celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, promoting the different programming and events held each year.

Residential Information

Okada is one of eight dorms in Wilbur, located on east campus.

Okada is a 4 class dorm with a total of 90 residents. Each year freshman make up 1/3 of the dorm population. Okada also includes the Batcave and Joker's Den which are housing units part of Okada yet not directly attached to the dorm and located under the dorm. These extra rooms make Okada the largest dorm in Wilbur.

The first floor of Okada is co-ed, the second floor is single-sex female, and the third floor is single-sex male.


Okada staff is comprised of 3 RA's, 1 HPAC, 1 PHE, 1RCC, and 3 ETA's.

The 2007-08 Staff


Takeo Rivera '08
Bryan Cauley '08
Soo Kim '08


Tammie Nguyen '08


Charlie Wang '08


David Lai '08


Diana Austria '08
Stanford Tran '09


Anne Takemoto

Draw Information

2008-09 cut offs

MEN 2 person group
Any (ethnic)
2754 (Non-ethnic)

WOMEN 2 Person group
Any (ethnic)
2803 (Non-ethnic)

2007-08 cut offs

Any (Ethnic)
2878 (Non-ethnic, 2 person group)

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