Assignment 5

Science Share

(Andrew's review is below this one)

Appearance and Layout

This site is well designed and organized. It looks great; I really appreciate the subtle turquoise color scheme. It doesn't provide too sharp of a contrast and provides a visually appealing background that doesn't distract from overlaying text. The menu organization makes sense and allows for easy navigation of the site.

It would be nice to include some aspect of graphic design into the title of the website, though I myself don't know how to do this. It still looks nice as is, but this could possibly be one aspect to look into improving in the future. Also, it'd be nice if the title logo was also a link back to the home page.

I think the picture in the top left could also be more multi-ethnic. I see an Asian teen and an Asian or Hapa child; I feel that it almost might makes someone think that they should be Asian if they're interested in starting a math club. While I'm sure many people wouldn't interpret this image this way, I still think it's important to be aware that it's kind of promoting an Asian = good at math stereotype.


The content on this website is already excellent. There is already a ton of resources available for potential clubs to already access and I think any club would find this site already extremely valuable. Some sections need completion, such as the forum and the starting a club area, but the proposed outline for them sounds great. I think one thing to possibly consider might be a list of a few external links that someone interested in building a club could also visit for additional information.

I think in the resource area, as more and more resources accumulate I think there might also need a more efficient way of looking through these resources, such as a search query. Right now browsing through the resources isn't too tedious because of the limited number of them but even within each category, there is already a lot of resources that in the future may be hard to shift through to find something you want.

Other Comments

I'm also very curious why this website is called "Science Share" when it seems to only have math resources. I can understand that you want to include both science and math but you seem to be ironically excluding math from the title and at the same time not currently sharing any science resources.

Also, why just math and science? Might other subjects such as an econ club or a politics club also be interested in sharing resources with each other?

Overall, I am very impressed with this website. It's in a very well completed state and I only see these minor adjustments as possible routes of change. Great job.

F**cked Up Fridays

Appearance and Layout

I like the overall layout of this site. I can already see the "male-oriented" ads of scantily clad women soon taking their place in the noticeably empty wings of the layout. I'm not sure the color scheme though completely works for me. The black backdrop with orange headings immediately makes me think of Halloween, which I think pretty much has nothing to do with your site. I think a more neutral color pairing could be more effective.

Also, under the heading "What do YOU want to know about Alcohol?" I'm not sure if you just haven't gotten around to this or not but each question should probably be a link to an answer somewhere on your page. (ie, clicking on "How much can you safely drink?" should take you to a page on that). Also, why is Alcohol capitalized in this heading?

Also, the heading "Also on F'd Up Friday" is misleading. This seems to not be an area for supplementary material but basically an area showing what are the main features of your website. It seems like you wanted to just explain the different parts of your menu. Maybe this could be solved simply by taking out the "Also" though you might want to consider a section like this to provide access to miscellaneous information.


I think the message board would be better if it could be contained on your own site instead of an external site.

The content in the drinking games area is very thorough and well done. The table was a fantastic way of organizing information on the games and I think you definitely did a good job of deciphering between pertinent information to put in the table and more detailed information in the specific page for each game. The diagrams for each game were also impressive, though maybe a picture could also be useful in those areas. I think putting a short outline at the top of each drinking games page with links to anchors on the page would help the organization of some of the longer and more detailed descriptions as well. Some of the games don't have descriptions yet either.

The factual information on alcohol, though also incomplete, was particularly well informed and had a lot of pertinent information. I would suggest again that contents tables could definitely help, though this section was particularly impressively well fleshed out and very informative.

Stories are not there yet, but I think some sort of method that people could upload stories would be great. Also, links to other stories could also be a good idea for this section.

Other Comments

I think the sort of computerized spray paint on your logo leaves something to be desired. It just doesn't look well done and I think detracts a little from the credibility of your website by making it look just a little sloppy at first glance. Otherwise, great job!

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