Assignment 2

Assignment 2

I. Motivation

A. Interest in improving Stanford

i. Establish a resource where people can get the inside scoop on campus life and traditions

1. What’s the best way to go fountain hopping?

2. Where are the best places to live on campus?

3. Which dining hall has the best food?

ii. Establish a reference guide where people can define and look up organizations related to Stanford

II. Support

A. An open-source Wikipedia type structure will become the back bone of creating content to meet goal of improving Stanford through the provision of encyclopedic information about Stanford

i. While initially I will author most of the articles, more articles will appear as students write from their own experience

1. Exg. I write a page called A Cappella, which briefly defines a cappella and lists all the different a cappella groups on campus and how they’re different from each other

2. Eventually, someone from each group will probably add a more detailed page entirely about their own group

3. This becomes a good resource for those unacquainted with the Stanford a cappella community, becoming a really great resource for new students who might be interested in joining an a cappella group but don’t know what groups are out there

B. Business model

i. Ultimately, I hope Stanfordpedia becomes a definitive though subjective guide to Stanford and will be visited by many web users who need to look up an answer regarding Stanford

1. This could possibly be maintained through advertising

III. Benefit

A. Free Information

i. Students can utilize this free resource to look up questions about Stanford

ii. Prospective students can gain insight into what Stanford student life is like, helping them make a more informed college decision

B. Forum for Publication

i. Students and faculty have the chance to publish their opinions about different subjects online for many to see

ii. Chance for groups on campus to advertise themselves

1. Exg. If an entry called fellowships is created, all fellowships could include their name on the page, which would allow students to find about smaller fellowships which might not be as prevalent as the bigger fellowships such as IVCF or RUF

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